Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

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Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay, If you have been facing marriage problems for long time and seeking astrological ways to get married soon.  Marriage problems may arise in anyone’s life and it may be due to the wrong alignment of planetary situations, birth chart and horoscope. An astrologer can helps better if you are facing problems like marriage delay, inappropriate marriage proposal or any other. He would suggest you some Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay to get rid of it.


Every girl and boy wants to get married with quality or dream person. A married life is based on the mutual understanding of two people. So it is quite important to get someone who can understand you better. Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay helps you get the desired life partner. There are so many ways to get married at the right time.

Vivah Badha Nivaran Totke/Kavach/Yantra

There are some totke that help you get rid of all the hurdles and hindrance in the path of your marriage:

Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

  • If there is a hurdle in the marriage of your daughter then you need to try an ultimate totka. Take five coconuts and offer it to Lord Shiva. Recite this mantra as “Om Shree Var Pradaay Shree Naamah” on five rosary Maala.
  • Those girls who want to get married soon, they need to worship lord Shiva. Visit Shiva temple on every Monday and recite the mantra as “Om Someshwaray Namah”. Offer milk to Shiv Ling and pray to him to offer his blessings and shower of happiness to you.
  • Plant Tulsi in a pot and plant a Banana tree in another pot. Keep these pots close to each other. Light diya to both pots and recite Purush Suktam and Shree Suktam Paath. Start this totka from Purnima and then do it every day till you get desired life partner.
  • Bring an idol of Lord Ganesha on Wednesday and place it in the center of your Puja Thaali. Clean this idol with Panchamrata. Recite this mantra as “Om Gang Ganpataya Namah”.
  • Take some rice and Besan and mix them to make Peda. Offer it to a cow to eat. Do it on Friday.
  • Those who have been facing hurdles in their path of marriage then need to read Vishsbaawas Gandhrva Paath.
  • Take a picture of Lord Raam and Seeta or Vishnu-Lakshmi and establish it in your Puja Ghar on the day of Tuesday. Recite this mantra as “Om Shrashti Kartaa Mam Vivah Kuru Kuru Swahaa”. Chant it for 21 times.

Shighra Vivah Ke Achuk Upay

There is some Shighra Vivah Ke Achuk Upay that helps get desired life partner.

Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

  • Donate 200 gm Chanaa Daal and 1 Ltr Milk on every Monday. You need to do it till you get married.
  • If you are a girl and looking for Shighra Vivah Ke Achuk Upay then you can try this totka. Whenever you visit your friend’s Mehandi ceremony then ask you friend to apply Mehandi on your hand. You will get married soon after using this totka.
  • Take eleven Laddoos and keep them in the center of Thali. Offer it to Lord Ganeshaa and recite the mantra as “Om Gang Ganpataye Namah”. Now offer these 11 Laddos to 11 Kunwari Kanya to eat. Do it on the day of Wednesday.
  • Bring a Shivling and clean it with Ganga Jal. Establish it in your Puja Ghar and worship it on every Monday. Read Shiv Panchakshar Strotra Paath. Light a Ghee Dia in front of Tulsi Plant. Start it on Shukla Paksha.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi everyday and do Shree Sukatam Paath every day.
  • Take the blessings of elders on regular basis
  • Obey your mother and take care of her in all possible ways.
  • Respect your sister-in-law (Bhabhi) and offer her gifts.
  • Do Argalaastrotam Paath every day. Start it from Durga Saptashtee.
  • Offer bangles and cosmetics things to Laxmi Narayan temple.

Vivah Badha Nivaran Mantra

There is an ultimate mantra that helps remove all the hindrances in your marriage. You need to recite this mantra as “Gauri aawe Shiv Jo Byawe, Amuk Kaa Vivah Turant Sidh Karen, Der Na Karen, Jo Der Hoye, To Shiv Ko Trishul Pade , Guru Gorakhnath Ki Duhai Firee”.

There are some more remedies to avoid late marriages. These are given below:

Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

  • Those people who are at marriageable age they need to take Haldi Snaan on the day of Thursday. They also need to use Kesar in their food. It helps them avoid late marriage.
  • Wear yellow cloth always
  • Those who want to get married soon, they need to offer 2 Aaate ke pede, haldi, Gur and Chanaa Daal to cow.
  • Those people who have Manglik Dosh they need to offer Sindoor to Hanumaan Ji. Start it on the Tuesday of Shukla Paksha. You need to perform it for nine times (9 Tuesday).
Vivah Badha Nivaran Upay

These are some ultimate ways that help you a lot and root out all your marriage problems. Marriage problems cannot be solved without these Upay. You need to consult with an astrologer as he would analyze the root cause of your problem and provide you the best possible solutions.

He finds out the planetary alignment, birth chart and horoscope deeply and let you know the best ways to solve your problems. So if you are at marriageable age but still you are unmarried, then you need to use all these ways.