Santan Prapti Yog

Santan Prapti Yog

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Santan Prapti Yog

Santan Prapti Yog There are many people whose birth chart have planets positioned in such a way that they are blessed with many children while in case of other people the position of planets is such that they have wait a long for a single child.

Santan Prapti Yog

Santan Prapti Yog
Santan Prapti Yog

In some cases it is found that this longing for a child is lifelong just because the planets are not on their correct position.

Having a child is one of the most important and vital part of married life. Not only it changes the life of the couple but it changes the whole insight of their life.

Every couple’s efforts are guided towards having a healthy child.

But it is found that many couples are deprived of children and all their efforts to have a baby are in vain.

In spite of having great treatment and medical assistance such couple are not able to have child or santan.

And when you have tried all medical assistance and vaccines with no result it’s time to check your birth chart or to seek the help of astrology.

It is believed that Horoscope is the image reflector of our life and it allows us to know many things about our life. Different segments of the life are reflected by the twelve houses of our Horoscope or Kundali. And out of these twelve houses one of the houses is responsible for posterity. The reasons for not having a child can be figured out by studying its position.

But the planetary reason for not having a child can be figured out only by an expert astrologer and only they can resolve your problem. Vedic astrology says that fifth house in our kundali or horoscope is responsible for progeny, education and intelligence.

So when the study of this house along with the combination of other houses is done to find out the reasons for not having a child. But to have a concrete reason as to why the couple is not having a child, the study of horoscope of both husband and wife is imperative.

Santan Prapti Yog

While studying the fifth house of the horoscope it is very important to figure out the power of fifth house. Because if fifth house is having a good or favourable planet then the probability of having a good child increases. It is also important to see what all planets are looking at this house. And the impact they are causing on the life of the person.

But if malefic planets are present in the fifth house then they may delay the posterity. And also if the fifth house is looked by malefic planets then it may also cause trouble in having a child. Presence of Sun, Mars in the fifth house of is diagnosed as problematic in having children. And if there is grahan yoga in santan bhava that is fifth house it may also cause problem. And if the position of Venus is not appropriate that may also cause trouble in having a child.

Probability of having a child increases when the Mahadasha of Panchmesh starts, and if at the same time the planet present in the fifth house is having antardasha. The chances of progeny also increased when the dasha of planet present in fifth house moon kundali starts. Also, when the dasha of most powerful planet seeing fifth house increases the chances of progeny.

There are various remedies or upay for santan prapti, like worship of the family of Lord Shiva that is Ganesha with Lord Shiva and Parvati. Astrology also suggests that husband and wife has to pay homage to Rameshvaram and they must conduct sarp pujan there as it is very effective in eradication all kinds huddles in having a child.

if the reasons of being childless are mainly associated with women then it is suggested to serve and feed a red or brown cow along with her calf or to cradle a red or brown dog. It is also suggested to worship a small ideal of Lord Ganesha and feed him with Ladoo which shall be distributed to birds later on.

Astrology has various santan prapti mantra/puja that can be useful in having children. If the horoscope of both husband and wife fully deprive them of child then in all such cases below mentioned mantra is very useful for them and will bless them with a child.


The mantra will show great results if it is chanted on the rosary of Tulsi 5 five times daily in the morning. It should be chanted before the photo of Lord Shri Krishna with full dedication of early and better results.

Santan Prapti Yog

Apart from santan prapti upay and mantra there are many totke in astrology that will you to have a child. It is suggested that husband and wife should observe fast of Thursday, or they may also wear yellow clothes or donate yellow item and even they can have yellow food, it will allow them to have a child at earliest.

It is also suggested to worship a Parad Shivling with milk every day. Except for Sunday if a childless lady light a deepak to Peepal tree and pray for a child while revolving around the tree this will also allow her to have a child.

Santan Prapti Yog

Even after long time since your marriage if you are not able to have a baby still you don’t have to worry about it as astrology have many mantras and remedies to cure from this. All you have to do is to visit an experienced astrologer and follow the suggested measures to have the great and earliest results. Astrology has solution for all your problems even it can help you in santan prapti.