Quick Marriage Totke

Quick Marriage Totke

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Quick Marriage Totke

Quick Marriage Totke, Marriage is one of the most important things in life. Thankfully, there are many quick marriage totkethat you can use for marriage. These remedies are simple in nature. You can do these by yourself. You should only ensure that you are following the procedure as described by the totka.

Quick Marriage Totke
Quick Marriage Totke

You can make use of the following love marriage totke. These will help you get married to the person you love. If you are not in a relationship, then you will soon fall in love and then get married.

  • You should perform the procedure called Rudraa Abhishek. You should ideally do this with honey.
  • You should do this in front of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi’s photo. You should chant “aumlakshmeenaaraayanaanamahh.” You should chant for 324 times. You can use a beaded mala for counting. This should be done on a Thursday. You should offer prasadevery Thursday for three months continuously in a temple.
  • You can worship Goddess Durga. You should offer a shawl that must be red in color. You should put this in her idol.
  • You should get your horoscopes matched. If you see problem in the 7th house then you should solve it immediately. This will ensure smooth marriage. You can ask for your astrologer for specific totke if problem is there in the 7th
  • You should go to a Lord Krishna temple first for this totka. Then you should offer betel leaves and a flute.
  • You can wear precious stones in order to get married to your boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, diamond is a great stone to wear. You can wear earrings or a ring.
  • You can wear a gauri-shankarrudraksh. The outer covering must be white gold. This must be energized before you wear it.

Love Marriage Totke

There are many early marriage totkeso that you can get married at the right age. If your marriage is always being delayed then you can use these totke to help you get married on time.

  • This totka is for a girl. When you attend your friend’s wedding the bride should put mehendi on your hands. The mehendi she uses should be the same one that she had applied on herself. This will ensure you get married quickly.
  • You should offer water to banyaan tree on Thursdays. You should continue to do this for as long as you can.
  • This is another totka for a girl. You should go to the washroom then take bath. After you are done with these you should mix water and milk. Then you should offer this mixture to a Shivling on every Monday. You should ideally chant the Shiva mantra with rudraksh mala. You should chant “aumsomeyshwaraayaynamaha.” You should repeat this for 108 times.
  • You should keep the underside of the bed neat and clean. You should especially remove any scrap and iron if any. This is one of the best quick marriage totke.
  • You should first find out the 108 names of Guru Breehaspatee. Then you should go to a banana tree. This should be done on a Thursday. Then you must offer some water. Then light a diya with ghee in it. You need to chant the different names of Guru Breehaspatee. You should repeat this Thursday ritual until you find your life partner.
  • You should donate 1.25 litres of raw milk and 1.2 kilos of yellow dal. This should be done every Monday. You must continue this procedure until your marriage is fixed.
  • You can keep dry coconuts, around 5, in front of God Shiva’s photo in your home. You should then repeat the mantra for 540 times. “Aumshreewarrrpradaayahshreenamahah.” You should offer these coconuts to a Shiv temple after that.

Early Marriage Totke

The following are some tone totke for happy married life. These totke will help you stay happy in your marriage always. You should do them with diligence.These will ensure you live happily ever after with your spouse.

    • You need to take a sindoor box and you should keep some gomthi chakra in it. You should have some sindoor in it too. This totka ensures you both stop fighting.
    • If you are a wife then you can keep a maunvratt on Wednesday. On the following Friday, you should make a sweet. This sweet should have some mishri in it. You must then give it t your husband and others who are in the house. You should then donate some itaars. You should keep some itaars in your bedroom too.
    • You should give milk and put some kesar in it to your husband. You should give it to him for breakfast. Before he leaves for his office, you should give him a strand of kesar and some sugar. This will increase the bond between you two.
    • When you want any type of misunderstandings to go away, you should do the following. You should mix black gram with wheat. Then you should make it into flour. This should be done on Saturday.

Tone Totke For Happy Married Life

  • When you bring sweets or fruits, then you should offer them to God first. You should then give it to other members of your family. Then you and your spouse should have them.
  • This should be done by a wife on Thursday. You should pray to the peepal tree and banana tree. You should water both the trees. Then on Saturday, you should light a diya in front of the peepalkaped. You should put only pure ghee in it. You should keep some sweet water and then mustard oilat the base of the tree.

You can see there are plethora of quick marriage totke. You can start with one remedy to see how it works. You can then move on to the others.

Whichever totka you choose, remember to have faith in it. When you happily do something then it will be more fruitful. You should be happy when you are doing these remedies. You will then surely get married as you want to.

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