Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

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If you have your birth date and time, then you can predict about your married life and wedding future. Now a day you can predict about your married life online only with register your account with  free of charge.  In this mechanism only need your data or birth and time of your born then you can know about your wedding life and your future life. If you are in some problem and you have a lot of problems and from many time you are suffering and the problem is not overcome and reduced the you can go for an option of astrology and astrologer will ask your date of birth and born time actually astrologer see your date of birth and time and according to your records he checked your stars and Venus and then he will tell you some kind of solution like Wajifa or some magic also after that you can reduce or overcome your problems. It is very important and better option to secure your wedding life. These problems have arisen due to your stars and if you want to know about your stars you have to know your birth date and born time.


Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth
Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of                            Birth


 Love Or Arranged Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth


Some people who are in the age of marriage but due to some circumstances they did not get marry for in this situation you can predict your marriage date with the help of your date of birth and time. And if you get far date, then you can take suggestion and take some ideas from astrologer and some expertise. They will give you some solution to get married earlier. On the other hand, if you want to get married late then you are also used this same totka and can take solution but these all things are possible only with the help of your date of birth and time.


Second Marriage Prediction Based On Date Of Birth


Some persons are doing, succeeding second wedding to that people defiantly take suggestion from the expertise and astrologer because they will about to second marriage. And already they people are afraid  of  marriage and they about to take the second option. Some people are manglic and it is compulsory that  he or she get married also manglic people otherwise it will not good  either it will effect on male person or will effect on female person. That’s the reason behind of that many marriages cannot be successful only the reason of manglic that’s why it is very important to take suggestion from astrologer and expertise. If you will meet or take suggestion from expertise then they will give some kind of solution like you can do for lemon chili totka and also you can use match sticks totka these totka are used to overcome your married life  problems. That’s why we should predict about marriage with the help of date of birth and time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Free Love Marriage Prediction By Date Of Birth And Time


Most of the expertise and most of the astrologer are telling you that you are going about to love, marriage or arrange marriage actually this is nothing but only it is an art of astrology and it is also the part of your  life some people are only seeing your face chin and tell you that you will go for a love marriage and go for a arrange marriage. Same as some people are seen only your hand line and tell about your wedding life,  even future after your married life.  Although some people tell the first character of the name of your life partner actually it has happened to know about your stars. If you know about your future after a married life, then some stars are like Venus and Mercury if these are in the fifth quadrant then you will stay happy and if your stars is in the third house, then you will stay unhappy then astrologer will tell you some solution with the help of this solution you can stay happy. But if you want to get this knowledge, then you have to know about your date of birth and born time.

Here some existing points or statements are given below which are very useful to predict about itself.

1.) Firstly, we have to know about Dasha prediction in this case Dasha prediction can be assumed to know about the date and birth time because birth time and date can tell about the position of stars and planet. And this position can change your life because the stars have much power and another reason is that it relates with the Kundali.


2.) In second thing (Sade sati) that means it will tell you about your Shani means that what is the position of Shani with the help of  this production you can secure from negative energy because it eliminates that negative energy give the positive energy. And also it will secure to you from dangerous things like accident and different encouraging.