Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

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Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry, Palmistry is an ancient form of reading fate using your palm and the art has its origin in Eurasian culture.

First of all, a palm has three important lines which are common to all human beings. The lines are the heart, head and life lines.

The total effect on life comes consequently from the joint predictions from these lines. To predict the type of marriage or affairs in your life you should consider the type of heart line and marriage line beneath the little finger.

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry
Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

The heart line is the first line just below the fingers in the palm.

The head line comes next which usually starts below the index finger. The last line is the life line.

The results from the signs are same for both genders.

The type of signs like cross, fork defines obstruction or trouble in your marriage life.

You can see a number of lines just under the little finger.

The darkest / prominent one is your marriage line. If there are two prominent lines then usually one is longer and other is shorter.

The longer one is the marriage line and the shorter line indicates a past relationship. Most noteworthy thing is your line’s position.

If the distance between heart line and marriage line is less it means early marriage otherwise late marriage. However, the other lines like fate or head lines have a particular influence on marriage.

Some minor lines like Mars, Venus or Mercury lines have special effects on marriage. The mount of Venus is just under the thumb while the Mercury mount is at the end of the little one.

The Mars area is in the middle of the palm between Venus and Mercury mount.

To predict the type of marriage you should see the lines structure and positions. As are result combination of heart and marriage lines show a love marriage with conditions like break-up or life risks.

If you see a parallel line just upon this particular combination that means break-up is obvious for lovers in marriage.

The ‘north going’ look of marriage line indicates a no marriage situation. Furthermore, you can see some upward lines in the mount of Venus too.

They explain the influence lines. Combination of influence lines with the heart/headlines indicates marriage sometimes. Especially relevant thing is fork structure of marriage line.

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

The structure looks almost like the alphabet ‘V’. Fork at the end of marriage line means break up. The small size of fork shows trouble for a time.

The fork’s position at the beginning of marriage line brings the problem in married life.

You can see extramarital affairs from the forked line. Sometimes one branch of fork touches the heart line. The structure means extramarital affair with tendency of break-up.

Furthermore, if the fork branch expands itself and touches the head line it defines frustration in marriage. Is the brunch almost touching the life line?

That shows the possibility of death/ suicide due to troubles in marriage. A cross sign over the fork probably shows the presence of a third person in your private marriage life.

Furthermore, heart line’s position clears the type of marriage. The mount of Jupiter is under the index finger. Is your heart line branch touching the mount of Jupiter?

Consequently it is love marriage. But check it carefully. A vertical line over the branch seems like break-up.

Is your Fate line combining with the influence line from the mount of moon? This case seems like love marriage.

Clear Fate line is rare situation. The Fate line is the vertical line starts from the end of Life line while ends under the middle finger.

Cross/branches on the Fate line probably are trouble provider. This is same for marriage prediction. The influence lines from both mount of Venus and Moon can cut the Fate line.

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

The crossing assures divorce/break-up or problems in marriage. In addition, broken Fate line on the plain of Mars adds a divorce situation.

Can you see a semi-circle under your little finger? That means a late marriage. A close parallel line to the marriage line can bring an affair in your life which will continue even after marriage.

Small vertical line parallel to Fate line promises new relation.

There are some obvious ways to predict marriage type. While Fate line and mount of moon joins, it promises love marriage.

The palmistry identifies a special line called love marriage line. The line looks like a branch from the Fate line over the mount of Neptune. The mount of Neptune is just after the mount of Venus in the same row.

If the love marriage line moves parallel with the Fate line that means live-in relationship while no marriage. To assure love marriage the line should touch the Fate line.

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

Except from those above mentioned situations the person may have an arranged marriage. Love /arranged marriage everybody wants a happy married life.

You can easily find the type of your married life. A straight marriage line is happiness indicator. Markings/ break on the line means heartbreak or troubles in life. Star on the line defines love at first sight.

Furthermore, the palmistry is an ancient form of culture. The old communities of Europe and Asia used to predict fate using the study.

Critics have some negative feed backs in this matter. As an example, some people with difficult fork sign had a happy and smooth married life.

Critics often consider palmists as cold reader with efficient guessing ability. But history gave us some skilled palmists of perfect predictions too.

Palmistry is little bit different in Asia and Europe but the main lines and their positions are nearly same. The long bond of two lives or marriage is depended on all the lines; heart, life, head or fate.

Love Marriage Arranged Marriage Palmistry

Therefore, the complex way of reading can lead toward mistakes. A novice reader should consider this. A happy married life also depends on the individual’s type and qualities.

The head line checks these conditions. Finally an experienced reader can offer error-free reading.