Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction

Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction

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Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction

Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction, Being married is a wonderful feeling. Your life turns complete once you are married. It is the basic relationship that everyone looks for once they are grown up. However, it can be a very anxious path to make sure you have the right partner for your married life. Many relationships and marriages break up because of compatibility issues and wrong choice of partners while deciding their relationship. This is true for both love marriages and arranged marriages. So if this relationship is so important and the possibility of you spending the rest of your life with that person is so huge, how do you make sure there is a sure way to make it a success?

Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction
Husband Spouse Kundli Prediction

Fear not. There is help at hand. Indian mythology and Vedic scriptures have always been very scientific about such things. The knowledge is transferred from the sadhus and gurus who spent their time studying astrology and the influence of planets over humans. Breaking this code of planetary positions and its stars, they are able to accurately measure a lot of things. Including the ability to find the right partner through astrology. This technique is still popular and very important in the way a wedding is performed in India.

Astrology is the science of studying the planetary movement of earth and stars, and then decoding the influence it will have on a human. Right from birth to death, everything in India is based on astrology and its position of stars. When choosing a wife or husband, for holy matrimony, this plays a very important role. The Kundali as it is called in India, is the primary place where the discussions start. Only if it matches, does the discussion around the rest of the planning for marriage begin.

Let us begin to understand this a little better

The 7th house in the Kundali is for marriage. This place has a high influence of the life partner and how they will be compatible with you. Will they be beautiful? Will they like you? Will your behaviour and theirs be complimentary? So the 7th house is the primary and most important to start with.

Knowing your partner through astrology:

  1. To know the relationship you will have with your spouse based on astrology.
  2. You can even know the name or the first alphabet of your future spouse if you or your family is still looking.
  3. You can shortlist the kind of spouse that you want based on your kundali and its compatibility with other kundalis
  4. You can understand a bit closer of the kind of jobs that your future spouse will be good at and make a lot of money.

However, it should be said, that all these should be done with the help of a guru or a specialist. There are so many dynamics of the kundali and its interpretations that it is close to impossible for normal and average people to decode it. A guru or a specialist, will be able to understand, interpret and provide you with the right solution if you have any issue in your kundali. It is always so, because they bring years of experience and practice with them and will be able to guide you better.

You should also use this technique to primarily understand the influences and choose the right action to correct the situation. If you are a mangalik, then there is a solution to it that the guru will be able to provide. Similarly, there may be other doshas in your kundali that needs rectification too. However, this should not be used to harm or hurt someone. It should always be used to find a solution and make good of the damage that may be caused because of your planetary positions. You should refrain from causing, physical, mental or emotional damage to anyone, showing these as the reasons.

The science of astrology has been widely accepted and used even till day in our daily lives. Kings and mythological stories have always talked about it over thousands of years. They are very effective and the results are immediate. If so many people benefited from it, you can be rest assured there is truth to it. With the help of astrology as a powerful tool that gives you immediate and effective results, you can be rest assured, that the person, you choose as a spouse will be hundred percent compatible to you, your lifestyle and tastes.

This will bring peace and harmony in your life and family. All those who were involved in the arrangement of marriage will feel they have done the right thing. This will spread happiness and joy in all your family and your society. You will start to gain respect and love of everyone in the family and society and this will in turn make you happy. At the end of the day, all you want to be is happy right? This is a sure shot way of getting there. With a happy mind, soul and body, you can concentrate on the things that you want to do in life and lead a life of joy and content.

So what are you waiting for? Your life is in your control and you have the power to make it happen the way you feel is right. Go take charge of your world, and make it the way you want. Influence the people around you with the power of astrology and help them lead a life of peace and joy too. With things under control, you will be able to focus on the real things that make you successful at the end of the day. You are in control of your life. Let no one tell you otherwise. Astrology is the way to solve it for you.