Chandal Yog Astrology

Chandal Yog Astrology

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Chandal Yog Astrology

Chandal Yog Astrology, Chandal yoga is formed when Jupiter is in alliance with Rahu or Ketu. In all such situations Jupiter is prone to act immorally and perform many infringements. Chandal yoga is believed to be a dangerous yoga and when it forms in the kundali of a person it has the capability to dominate other good formations in the kundali.

Chandal Yog Astrology

Chandal Yog Astrology
Chandal Yog Astrology

Sufferings caused by this yoga are not limited to personal life but professional and social life has suffers a lot from the combination. And at times the struggles are of pinnacle height.

But the misconception prevailed and results are talked of frightening then they found to be. Different results are expected from the combinations depending on their presence in different houses. And sometimes inauspicious results are decreased and auspicious results are delivered. In other word we can say that results are totally dependent on the power and strength of Jupiter and Rahu or Jupiter and Ketu.

There are several effects that can be caused by the presence of chandal yoga in Kundali. Calamitous effects that this formation can have are beyond the expectations. In spite of high caliber the presence of this yoga in kundali will not allow the person to encase his/her qualities. Such person is prone to challenges and obstacle in their every end eavour of life and not able to reap the benefits of their hard work.

Financial crunch is always there in their life. Student having this yoga in their kundali are not able to perform well academically and their educational life is always disturbed. All such people lack decision making power and not sure what they want to do or what are their expectations from life.

Chandal Yog Astrology

Health and fitness is not up to the mark and have low energy and enthusiasm level. Social acknowledgement is hardly received and social status is always at stake. All these effects drive the person towards tension and they are forced to mental pressure.

But no matters how big a problem is in your kundali, astrology has always solution and remedies for your problems. So if you come to know that either you or your loved ones are suffering from chandal yoga, don’t run in panic and get advised from an astrologer. An experienced and expert astrologer can suggest you the remedies to cure chandal yoga and get drag you out from the ill effects of this yoga.

Chandal yog nivaran upay or remedies are powerful to reduce the impact of it. There are certain remedies suggested in Astrology to that alleviate the evil impact of chandal yog. Meditation and regular prayer are under an experienced teacher is always the greatest way to cure chandal yoga. Rajsi and Tamsik food should be abstained and satvik food should be preferred over them.

If possible donate or feed dogs. Involvement in religious activities and your visit to religious place will always help you not only in overcoming it but other challenges of your life. And below is a mantra that if recited or chanted for 108 times will help to please and enhance the power of planet Jupiter and decrease the effect of chandal yoga.

“Om brim brihaspataye namah”

“Om vrim brihaspataye namah”

“Om Shreem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah”

“Om graam greem graum sah guruve namah”

Some of the other remedies like donating yellow items like turmeric, clothes, and honey in a temple or orphanage are also considered as good remedies to cure guru chandal yoga. One can also wear eleven mukhi Rudraksha to avoid its impacts.

Chandal Yog Astrology

But before trying any remedy it is important to know in what way you are impacted by Guru Chandal Yoga. Because when Jupiter and Rhau combine in eighth house the person suffers from chronic pain and injuries in the naval. And these injuries are severe to the extent to give lifelong scars.

When the combination is in the ninth house with Saturn in third then the native are found to be illegitimate children. When Jupiter is in the tenth house, Rhau is in the sixth house along with Venus in second house such person turn outs to be very wealthier even if he/she is born in miseries.

Sometimes the combination of Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu is that the person having their conjunction is inclined to religious activities and respects those who are carrying religious activities. And when Jupiter and Rahu are in conjunction in the fourth house the person is religious as well as wealthy and there are chances that such person turns out to be a great lawyer.

Chandal Yog Astrology

Conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu has different impacts based on their position, so it is advisable to consult an experienced astrologer for great results and remedies. Your initiative in the right direction accompanied with good consultation cannot only save you from various disaster but will change your life forever.

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